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DOP Michelle Tofi on location, 2013

Content creation, Bespoke for every client

From the concept to completion, here at BYOC we take care of everything, from location to styling to selecting the right kit and crew for the job to completely tailor a shoot to you and your needs.  We don't just shoot and edit, we're able to take your initial idea and generate original concepts that perfectly suit your vision. 

With the producing acumen and directorial experience of Louise Morton Murray and the cinematography, direction and editing background of Michelle Tofi, your shoot starts with the perfect team to guide your narrative from first inspiration to finished video.

 Contact one of us today at to discuss your video needs or for more samples of our work.

Designed for you...

We're not a one package company. We get to know you and select the right kit and crew accordingly - it's what we're here for.  We keep up with changes in technology and adapt accordingly, so we're always filming with the future in mind. 

Creativity in spades

Our backgrounds in feature film, fashion and music videos mean we're not just your average corporate filmmakers. We bring our creative resources to every shoot, including fresh approaches to covering events, delivering fast edits and working with new media platforms, like our brilliant 15 second instagram films.

We love what we do

We'd rather be conceptualising, creating and editing films than anything else. We're film nerds at heart, and it shows in the love we give to each finished film.  We're a small business with massive reach; drop us an email today to see how we can help you add video to your business.

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BYOC is a creative media production company involved in all aspects of filmmaking and photography.  Our projects range from commercial to informative, fiction to fashion and corporate to experimental.  We approach each project with the same set of skills and creative edge that puts us in front of other filmmaking collectives.  Whatever your vision, we are the right fit to capture it on screen.

In house we have a full time writer/director and cinematographer/editor ready to put your video together.  We also work with numerous highly skilled freelancers we can rely on to bring extra experience to your shoot at any stage of the production process.  Want actors to deliver the lines instead of your staff?  Looking to have graphics integrated into your ad?  Need a set builder to really bring your idea to life? We've got them all on call.  



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Louise Morton Murray


Louise Morton Murray is a producer, director and eccentric lunatic by her own admission.  Last year she produced and directed the improv comedy short 'Miles Long' alongside the hugely popular 'Dirty Girl Blues' video for band, Burning Condors. In 2014 so far she has produced and directed the fashion film 'Enjaulado'.  Her music video for British artist JJ Melody has been viewed over 100k times on youtube. Louise has worked on feature films at both the indie and blockbuster level, production coordinating the surprise British gangster indie feature hit ‘The Fall of the Essex Boys’  in 2012 and working on Guy Ritchie's The Man From U.N.C.L.E at the end of 2013.  She is currently writing a new comedy short to be filmed later this year.  Louise has never been Catfished.

Michelle Tofi



Michelle Tofi began her career as a camera operator specialising in music and fashion work for brands such as Freddy, Ray Ban and Warner Music.  She has since focused on cinematography, frequently collaborating on shorts for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, including directing fiction photography under BAFTA nominated director AJ Quinn and collaborating as a camera assistant and operator for Venice Golden Globes commended DP Maura Morales Bergmann, AIC on the short film ‘Love Letter’.  In 2012 she completed production on her first feature as a director of photography, Matt Cruse’s “The Watcher Self”.  She really loves Instagram.

Kimberley Verma



Kimberley Verma started out as a camera collector and toy camera aficionado before specialising in reportage style photography.  She still owns a wide collection of vintage and toy cameras from across the globe, and prefers to shoot on film in natural daylight than work on digital with flash.  She is equally as adept when digital is called for, however, and shoots on Canon 5D and 60D, editing in Lightroom and Photoshop to give her imagery a lustrous and vibrant quality.  Her analogue photographs are negative developed and then hand scanned by Kimberley at her office for retouching.  Kimberley has been in India at the time of numerous political assassinations, but assures us that's coincidental.


Rigged up slow motion camera FS700 at the office

Camden by Toy Camera, Kim Verma 2011