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Original Content

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Original Content

Our original works span a range of shoot styles from mini documentaries for broadcast to music videos and original fiction shorts. We're always looking to collaborate on bold, new ideas - if you have a concept, get in touch


The movement series - chapter 1

The Movement Series is our original triptych of films showcasing different performers each using their body in a visually interesting or artistic way. This chapter features Freestyle Footballer Kerron Ford and performance from spoken word poet Gregory Allman.

The Barber of Bute

In winter 2017 we travelled to the isle of Bute with Clare Sumpner to meet the resettled Syrian refugees who have been homed on the island.  This short teaser is a snippet from the footage we collected and introduces the UK's only authentic Syrian Barber, who plies his trade on an island of just 6,500 inhabitants, in the middle of the North sea

Doisy & Dam

Doisy & Dam chocolate tasked us with creating a super short, shareable video to launch their new single-origin 'Crunchy Almond Butter' bar. From concept to shoot to edit, we handled this project totally in-house and were thrilled with the results. 

Mullins Fair

Our original short documentary Mullins Fair was filmed entirely on location in Limerick, Ireland and produced entirely in-house, with music by Taylor Hawkins